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I don’t care what people say when we’re together. I just want it to be you and I forever.


30 day nsfw otp challenge

day 16:  In a public place

lmao i skipped a few days only cause i really wanted to draw takao being a ridiculously loud bottom ahahahha (i’ll be going back to the normal schedule tomorrow )


So me, gatoraid, and drugsforaddicts were talking about this article about Cosmo sex tips that will get you hospitalized, and gatoraid said they sound like something out of DRAMAtical Murder. So…. this happened. I am sorry. Or not.

(Alternatively, Clear’s could read “Tell him you’re dying, works every time,” and I contemplated putting “Choke him ‘till his alternate personality comes out” for Mink. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d make an entire magazine out of Noiz alone.)

That sex genius headtitle is directly pulled from an actual Cosmo, jsyk


i need to get my life together but first i need to finish all of my anime

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