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❣ Hello and welcome everyone! This blog is mostly Yaoi-ish and not spoiler free, so be careful! Sometimes I make edits or gifs (but I'm not too good at it ^^")

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Fweeeh.. finally finished it, it took a lot !! °_° The result looks nice, but I’m not really satified with it >.< I want to be more loose and stylized with my next pic.
I also found out that me and Jean have the same name initials (J.K.) while coloring him LOL.. However i saved the steps too, so if you like it more than I dislike it, I’ll post them here as a mini-tutorial :3


we’ve all had crushes we very strongly regret

Haru needs to be moisturised regularly.


i can bet you my liver the first time we see levi smile will be right before he dies


Friends are like potatoes. If you eat them, they die…..

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